• Burlington painters colour visualizer

    When it comes to making your visualization a reality, we as Burlington painters can show you that vision before actually painting. When it comes to painting an exterior, it’s much more difficult to choose colours since there are usually so many variables in the mix. Your brick, siding, and foundation are all areas that have […]

  • Milton painter for every new home.

    It’s quite common for a┬áMilton painter┬áto be busy now a days. With the rapid developments of homes in Milton, the city has never been busier. It has become a prime location to move to in the last couple of years and is showing no signs of slowing down. With this in mind, those new houses […]

  • Home painting maintenance for rentals

    There are several steps to getting your home up to par once your previous tenants have moved out. Some tenants may leave a lighter footprint, while others can really wear the house down a little. There a some general ways that can drastically improve your home’s appearance and bring it back to that once perfect […]

  • Buying a new home in Burlington

    It’s always an exciting time when buying a new home, especially when you’re moving to Burlington! It’s a beautiful city after all. Lovely neighbourhoods with random areas of thick forest waiting to be walked through and explored. You’ll find that everyone who resides in Burlington tend to be a little bit more relaxed and friendly […]

  • Making it your home through painting.

    When most people search for painting ideas they often get a colour consultation from their local painting companies. When our clients searched from Milton painters, they found us. Usually our clients need a little assistance whether it be the use of our colour palettes or our opinion on complimentary colours for their rooms, but in […]

  • Painting foyers in Hamilton

    Although we’re from Burlington Ontario, we’re often Hamilton painters. Our work area spans from the small town of Binbrook all the way to Milton. Recently we painted a foyer for some clients that purchased their first home. The townhouse foyer was fairly large having 20 foot high ceilings and a few tricky areas. With so […]

  • Hamilton painters help sell your home!

    Everything should have their own style and preference. It’s great to visualize and design your home to what you envision it to be! Sometimes that could be costly though. Homes are not always permanent so when it comes time to sell, you’ll have to get Hamilton painters to repaint it to something that can appeal […]

  • Milton exterior painting with brick!

    Just a few weeks ago we took on a job for a lovely couple who had just moved into Milton Ontario. It only took them a few days to realize that something with the exterior had to be done, and we were up to the challenge. At it’s current state, the house looked faded because […]