• Burlington exterior painting for Brick

    Brick painting in Burlington is not something that should be taking on by a homeowner, reason being it all comes down to a professional spray job with the right products. Same goes with siding, if you want a factory finish job you will need experienced Burlington painters. In this article we are going to go […]

  • Refinishing your cabinets with Burlington painters

    When to refinish and when to replace, that is the question you must ask yourselves before contacting local Burlington cabinet painters. Several factors may be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not to completely replace your cabinets or to simply refinish them to whichever colour you choose. We are biased in terms of wanting […]

  • How to find quality Burlington cabinet painting

    It’s important to see the finished product before hiring a Burlington cabinet paintingBurlington cabinet painting company since there is significant difference between using lacquer and normal trim paint which some companies often use. If you have a sales representative come over for a quote and they don’t have a sample of their work, it’s hard […]

  • Building a successful Burlington painting company

    Building a Burlington painting company can somewhat be difficult if you don’t know how to paint yourself. Understanding the importance of different aspects in the process of painting is essential to providing your clients with the type of work that they should expect when hiring professional painters in Burlington. If you do not know how […]

  • Oak cabinet painting in Burlington done right.

    In this article will be discussing the mistakes that a large majority of kitchen cabinet painting companies do. This mistake is with oak cabinets, and avoiding the thorough process that it takes to minimize the grain. Cabinet painters in BurlingtonCabinet painters in Burlington tend to follow the same process for painting oak cabinets as they […]

  • Hiring professional cabinet painters in Burlington

    The trick to quality cabinet painting is hiring the proper Burlington cabinet painters for the job. With every type of wood having a different type of application process, painting your cabinets becomes a specialty job which always requires a professional painting company. In this article we will be discussing the types of processes used to […]

  • Burlington cabinet painters for home owners

    Are you looking to get your cabinets refinished by Burlington cabinet painters? The first step would have to be getting multiple quotes by only the most reputable companies in the area. Burlington cabinet painting is a specialty Service that only a few companies offer. Reason being is it takes a proper workplace to do it […]

  • Burlington painters pro tips for interiors

    This article will be discussing proper techniques of painting a room from top to bottom which include ceilings, doors, frames, baseboards and walls. Now there may be several ways to approach the room when it comes to painting in Burlington, but there are only one way of doing it properly save the most amount of […]

  • Cabinet painters in Oakville do it best!

    More often than not cabinet painters in Oakville generally produce the best work when it comes to refinishing your kitchen cabinets. The kitchen cabinet painting process is a thorough and precise one, which should never be rush nor done by an inexperienced painter. We at Living Colour Painters have done hundreds of kitchen cabinet painting […]