• Colour Science with a Burlington Painting company

    As a Burlington painting company we are all about creating the desired emotion from your home. Whether it is exterior or interior, a room with a lot of traffic, or just a hallway to pass through, we know that our clients want their home to evoke a feeling, and they want it to reflect them […]

  • Spray Painting in Burlington Homes

    Don’t worry, we aren’t graffiti artists! Here at Living Colour Painters we can complete a lot of paint jobs for you around your home. We also spray a lot of kitchen cabinets, something clients love as an economical way of updating their kitchens. However, it is not just kitchen cabinets that we can make look […]

  • How to choose your new cabinet painting colours

    So you’re looking to get cabinet painting in Burlington done but the first and most important step is to choose a colour. Easier said than done, because even if you’re using some inspiration websites you’ll need to keep in mind your own kitchen’s components that must compliment each other. If you’re looking to get your […]

  • Burlington exterior painting for Brick

    Brick painting in Burlington is not something that should be taking on by a homeowner, reason being it all comes down to a professional spray job with the right products. Same goes with siding, if you want a factory finish job you will need experienced Burlington painters. In this article we are going to go […]

  • Refinishing your cabinets with Burlington painters

    When to refinish and when to replace, that is the question you must ask yourselves before contacting local Burlington cabinet painters. Several factors may be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not to completely replace your cabinets or to simply refinish them to whichever colour you choose. We are biased in terms of wanting […]