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What do YOU get with Living Colour Painters?

A small group of professional Burlington painters that offer the high level of quality and detail you should expect when hiring professionals. Our comprehensive residential and commercial painting services offer a perfect finished product, while our competitive painting rates allow you to get the most out of your budget to completely transform your home. We’re a decision you’ll be glad you made!



Our cabinet painting services offer an economical and top quality alternative to replacing your cabinets.


Brand new cabinets at a third of the cost!
As Burlington cabinet painters we serve all surrounding areas.


Be comfortable knowing you hired the right painting professionals for your next project.


Interior Painting


Custom Home Painting

From start for finish your project is important to us because our reputation is the lifeline of our business. Our interior painting is a diligent process that insures always high quality workmanship. It’s our guarantee that after our work is finished, you can live with your freshly painted home for months without founding a flaw.


Cabinet Painting

We strongly believe that replacing cabinets is a very inefficient way of improving your home, in terms of money and material. Our Burlington cabinet painting achieves the same look for less then half the price, and in half the time. You won’t believe that they are your same old cabinets!


Mural Painting

If you’re looking to create a room that’s as unique as your child’s imagination, you’ve come to the right place. We’re able to take your vision and turn it into a beautiful environment that will brighten up your child’s room and stick with them for years to come. There are many benefits of mural painting for your child’s early life stages.


Stain Killing

We work with many real estate agents and our nicotine stain killing services are essential before putting your home on the market. Repainting your home before selling is mandatory in most cases, especially if the residents of the home have been smoking indoors. Stain killing is a process that requires professional attention in order to keep odors low with mobile ventilators.


Renewal Painting

Renewing the white in your home can be the most impressive change you can make. A fresh coat of semi gloss on all your baseboards, frames, and doors adds another 10 years of durability and cleanliness to your home. Also, refreshing the faded white on your ceilings can make your rooms seem surprisingly larger and cleaner.


Staircase Painting

Your staircase can be an extremely beautiful part of your home when refinished with high quality coatings. We transform staircases to look like they were factory painting and installed, but we achieve this in-home with little to no inconvenience to home owners. Let your staircase create an unforgettable first impression on your visitors.

Exterior Painting


Hand Rail Painting

Are you looking to paint your exterior handrail but worried about the durability? When we take on Burlington painting projects we always make sure the proper steps are taken to ensure a long lasting quality paint job that we can be proud of for years to come. This is why all our exterior painting is guaranteed for a minimum of 2 years.


Siding Painting

Before painting your exterior, we begin with an initial inspection of the condition and type of material we will be painting in order to get a proper assessment of the work needed to be done. All our exterior work begins with a complete pressure washing, once done our spray finish brings the factory quality to your home’s exterior.


Exterior Staining

Whether you’re looking to stain you exterior for the first time or try and match an existing colour, we as Burlington painters require the skills to achieve your desired look the proper way. Before beginning any of our jobs we analyze your painting situation then finish your project within days, completely transforming your home for ultimate curb appeal.


Commercial Painting

Our services are not strictly residential, we do many commercial jobs whether it’s in Burlington or any surrounding area. Our knowledge in industrial paints and application allows us to achieve a finish that will protect your property from daily wear and tear. We have many strong relationships with property managers that solidify our reputation as professional painters.


Deck Staining and Painting

Painting or staining a deck or fence may be the easiest project you can tackle in terms of doing it yourself. This may be true but without the proper equipment and approach it can be time consuming and lack durability. Our preparation is the key to any long lasting exterior painting, and our painting and staining process reaches every nook and cranny to create a hard protective barrier.


Shutter & Window Frame Painting

We as painters understand the risks of painting interiors since many of the projects we take on include window frames and shutters located high on a home. That’s why our safety precautions are always a top priority. Most painters will neglect proper preparation on window frames and shutters since they’re too high to see, not us. Our painting process is always diligent.