When is Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Burlington Right for Your Kitchen?

We really appreciate the enthusiasm we get from our clients; their passion for their home and for beautiful aesthetics and design are why we do what we do. However, there are times when some cabinets just cannot be saved by paint. This article is to help you determine if your kitchen cabinets are worth saving, and are worth the investment of your hard-earned dollars going into kitchen cabinet painting in Burlington.

There are many superficial defaults that we can fix at Burlington kitchen cabinet spraying. We use a multitude of patching agents and fillers that can completely erase artificial cracks, dents, scratches and other imperfections. Some of transformations we do are actually amazing, paint is such a versatile product and can make cabinets look like new again. That being said, some regular wear and tear is left for so long that it cannot be saved. In particular, rotting wood is really hard to fix. If it is not shallow, it can travel deep into the wood, compromising the entire structure of the cabinet, and its ability to stay stuck together, as cabinets are often multiple pieces of wood fused together with nails or high-quality glue. Another problem area is where the hinges are attached. This is a very small area that completely dictates the cabinets’ ability to sit straight and look professional and uniform. Some hinge areas are rotted through so badly that no amount of new screws or wood filler can fix it. It is possible to find a similar looking cabinet from a reuse center or to get a cabinet maker to make an exact copy of that cabinet. This won’t be cheap, but hopefully it will just be for one or two so you will still save money painting rather than replacing your entire set of cabinets.

There are other things that can happen to cabinets, especially if they weren’t manufactured properly. We have seen cabinets that were not sealed properly and therefore they have fallen victim to water damage, so they absorb water and swell, causing them to never look properly closed or to lose their symmetry. This is very hard to fix because even if we shave off the access, we aren’t carpenters and we don’t have the proper machinery to level and straighten wood perfectly. Another similar problem is warping; this happens if the cabinet has been exposed to high heat or long periods of heat. This will cause a large gap where they are supposed to sit tight and sealed. Again, this is aesthetic and will only bother you if you are that type of person. We just have to let you know at Burlington cabinet painting that we cannot fix this problem.

This being said, we are always here to try our best to cover up any imperfections that we can, and you can trust that Burlington Cabinet painters will always be honest about the job that we can do for you. Most of the time there is just one or two rogue, misbehaving cabinets, and sometimes we can hide them in a corner that isn’t seen very much and it doesn’t cause a problem. Either way, we want you as the client to be completely happy with the job that we can do for you, and we want you to get the most for your dollar. Don’t hesitate to contact us as your local cabinet painters in Burlington and we will give you the most reasonable price for the job we can do for you. Thank you and hopefully we will be in contact soon.


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