Staining Or Painting Decks With Painters In Burlington

Many of us are lucky enough to have beautiful outdoor spaces in the backyard of our home, but these spaces require upkeep and maintenance to keep them looking great and protected from the harsh elements we experience in southern Ontario. There are a few important steps involved in exterior painting in Burlington, such as staining or painting a deck, or any wooden structure, and as a Burlington painting company we want to make sure you are in the know. Painting projects can be very rewarding when you see the finished product, but there are a few key steps that professionals know that will ensure the success and long-lasting effect of your paint job.

If you have a brand new deck or wood structure that needs treatment, a residential painting company in Burlington will tell you it is best to stain it as soon possible as this offers the most protection from the sun and rain and general aging symptoms. That being said wood often comes wet from the treatment factory and should sit for around two to six weeks to ensure it its thoroughly dried from the inside out. Brand new wood does not need to be sanded as it should come sanded, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a quick scuff so that it absorbs the product readily. Once it is ready to be stained, remember that it is best to cover as much of the surface area as possible and all sides of the wood so that there is a complete seal around the wood. Always use products developed specifically for wood staining, and if you are painting the wood, remember to always use a wood primer first. If you are re-staining or repainting wood, it is imperative that you remove all loose product that is coming off the wood. A Burlington painting company will always scrape off as much old product that will come off, and then sand down all of the edges around the area so that there is not possibility of air bubbles or places for water to seep in, ensuring maximum strength, protection and longevity. At some point you should power wash the area (before or after sanding and scraping, or both) to ensure the surface is clean and mildew-free, and then fully allow the surface to dry out completely before starting to paint or stain. As Burlington exterior painters, we often power wash the area in the morning and return the next day to begin prepping and painting.

Now it is time to paint or stain your deck or other wooden structure. It is best to only apply the product in the shade as the hot sun can complicate the drying process. Obviously, you do not want to treat the wood if it should rain in the next 24-48 hours. Also remember that stains and waterproof treatments require more applications than interior paint, typically every 1 to 4 years depending on the wear and tear the project receives from weather, traffic, etc. And remember, slopping on a thick coat will not save you from having to treat again in a couple years, in fact this can make it worse and cause bubbling or peeling. Thin, even coats with proper drying time are your best bet. Fight the urge to get the job over with as soon as possible! Take your time, enjoy the weather, and take pride in your Burlington painting project.


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