Spray Painting in Burlington Homes

Don’t worry, we aren’t graffiti artists! Here at Living Colour Painters we can complete a lot of paint jobs for you around your home. We also spray a lot of kitchen cabinets, something clients love as an economical way of updating their kitchens. However, it is not just kitchen cabinets that we can make look factory-finished and brand new again for you. There are other areas of your home that we can update and reuse to looking like new.

Living Rooms

As painters in Burlington, we understand that the living room in our house can be a focal point of a home. It is where people gather when entertaining, whether you are having parties or family reunions. It can be a place for your family to relax at the end of the day, hanging out together on the couch. This is why it is important to have a warm, welcoming living room that makes people want to stay. Your local Burlington painting company can do a number of things for you to help you achieve this feeling in your home. Most commonly, we update walls and trim to bring a fresh, bright and clean look to your updated living room. But we have also sprayed cabinetry and new carpentry that clients get installed, usually as a focal point in their living room that includes the television and other gagdets. Another option is an accent wall. Accent walls are a great option because they offer versatility. If you want a pop of colour to peak interest, an accent wall will give you just that. If you decide in a year or two that you are over it or it is not in style anymore, you can simply paint the accent wall the colour of your remaining walls; a much simpler and less time-consuming job than painting an entire room. It is very easy to create an entirely new feeling with just one wall of paint.


What can Burlington painters do for your bathrooms? Probably more than you realise! We have helped clients not only renovate their bathroom with a fresh coat of paint, but a new coat of paint strengthens the barrier between the wet are of the bathroom and the drywall behind the paint. Therefore you can reduce mould issues by keeping your paint job fresh in your bathroom. We also receive requests to spray bathroom cabinetry in bathrooms while we are spraying a clients’ kitchen. The colour of your bathroom cabinets does not have to be the same as your kitchen either. It is easy enough for us to switch the final colour of paint after the priming process so you can have multiple colours of cabinets for the same job if you like. A benefit of spraying your bathroom cabinets is the incredible durability of the product we use when spraying. After a maximum of a two week curing period, your bathroom cabinets will be essentially rock-hard, and will be able to withstand the moist environment of a busy shower or bathroom used by an entire family.

Hopefully this article has helped you realize the potential of your home and the things you could do to change things around. Remember, you are only limited by your imagination! Thank you for reading from Living Colour Painters.


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