Picking Colours for your Painting Project with Burlington Painters

Not all of us have an eye for interior design, and our Burlington painting clients are so individual and complex that it is not always easy to recommend colour schemes to theme. It is easier to help a client when they at least have some idea of what they want, or at the very least of what they know they don’t want. In this article, we aim to give you some pointers if you are feeling overwhelmed and just have absolutely no idea where to start when it comes to picking permanent colours for your interior or exterior painting project in Burlington.

When our Burlington painting clients are unsure about what colour scheme to use, we have a couple tips to get you started. The best way to figure out what colour you may want for your painting project is to rule out the colours that you do not like at all. If there is any colour you really do not enjoy, obviously don’t choose that colour, but also don’t choose other colours that have hints of the colour you don’t like (for example, if you detest yellow, a lot of creams, beiges and whites have a yellow tinge to them; avoid those). Next is to think about your painting project and what colours are appropriate. Small spaces benefit more from lighter colours, while a big empty room can be closed in with something dark. Or if you are painting the exterior, many folks stay away from colours too bright or flashy that will diminish curb appeal. Or, if the room is part of a heavy traffic area, darker colours will show more imperfections or damage, so many people like to choose lighter colours and use matte or a flat paint. Your painting contractor in Burlington will be an excellent resource in helping you with colour decisions for your required project.

If you are still confused about what colours to even start thinking about, there are some other ways to help narrow down your choices that painters in Burlington swear by. They may seem simple, but they really do work. Nature is a great place to start. Think of the things in nature that bring you the most joy. Some people love the beach, with the bright, soft colours like sandy yellows, vibrant blue-greens, and white bubbling wave caps. Or perhaps you like forests, with deep greens and beautiful browns that make you feel safe. Maybe you enjoy snowy mountains, tropical flowers, blue blue skies with white puffy clouds, or desert canyons. It sounds silly, but many Burlington interior painting designers draw inspiration from nature scenes or specific animals to help them create their masterpiece. Another place to draw inspiration from your favorite of one of the four seasons. Summer, spring, fall and winter have beautiful colour pallets that can easily be brought in to your home to make you fall in love with your space again. Pick the colour from your scheme that stands out the most or that you enjoy the most, and you can use the secondary colours to accent with furniture or other items in the room.  Or for more indoors-y folks, we ask them to think of what they like to do most in their home. If their home makes them think about relaxing and taking a bath or reading a book, then we help them choose more soft colours that exude calmness. Or if your home makes you think of activities like cooking and entertaining, then you will probably enjoy bright energetic colours that invite stimulation. Hopefully these tips help you tackle your next painting project with confidence, and your space turns out beautifully. And remember, do not hesitate to call your local painting company in Burlington for any further questions about redecorating your home.


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