Stain Killing

Living Colour painters has developed many relationships over the years, especially with local real estate companies. The one thing we’ve learned is that when it comes to selling a home, no stains can be left visible, especially nicotine stains. Smoking in a home can quickly take a toll on your ceilings, walls, and carpets. Carpets generally have to be replaced, but the stains on the surrounding surface areas can be fixed by your local Burlington painters.

With low odor primers we can cover up the stains, sealing the discoloration and eliminating any odors. When working with these types of primers we use vapor lock plastic to confine the specific areas being treated, and mobile ventilators to keep the air pure and. Once the primer is applied in all necessary areas, it must be left to completely dry overnight. After the process is complete a refreshing flat latex white is applied to reveal your new clean ceilings.