Renewal Painting

When your home is overdue for a makeover, refreshing the ceilings, trim and doors from your local Burlington painting company can make an extremely big difference. Being the most high traffic areas, your trim takes a lot of wear and tear over the years which can quickly be rejuvenated by a fresh coat.

If you’ve recently purchased a newly built home, you’d be surprised how much whiter and crisper it can get. New home builders tend to use an off-white tint to achieve coverage quicker on both trim and ceilings, so adding extra white to open up the room and creating a crisper atmosphere goes a long way.

We don’t cut corners when it comes to choosing our trim semi-gloss paint. Most Burlington painters will choose to go with a traditional latex paint to save material cost, but we use a waterborne alkyd that covers much better at self leveling for a glass smooth finish and is more durable/cleanable, It prove to stay bright and white for many years to come.