Siding Painting

Before painting your exterior, we begin with an initial inspection of the condition and type of material we will be painting in order to get a proper assessment of the work needed to be done. All our exterior work begins with a complete pressure washing of the areas that are being painted, this is essential for long lasting and durable work.

All our ladders are equipped with rubber boot guards to protect your lawn and driveway, and sponge end guards to keep your siding looking flawless.

Aluminum siding: All our exterior aluminum siding painting jobs are done with fine finish techniques. We spray all aluminum siding for a factory finish.

Vinyl siding: All vinyl painting is done without priming since our coatings are perfect for vinyl painting of any colour. A more thorough pressure washing is important since the vinyl siding collects dust very easily.

Wood siding: To begin painting wood paneling all fresh wood must be primed before painting. Depending on the situation, caulking the seams of some wood paneling is in order to insure a perfect look. All old paint flaking and chipping must be completely scraped, pressure washed, sanded, then primed to completely fix the situation.