Shutter & Window Frame Painting

As Burlington exterior painters we understand the safety precautions that must be taken when working at all heights. Part of being a legitimate painting company in Burlington is and having all necessary fall safety training. When working around an entire house you have to be experienced in dealing with uneven ground surfaces, proper ladder positioning and scaffolding is our number one priority when working outside.

Getting your window frames and shutters painted should not be a yearly occurrence. When done correctly with proper prep and paint quality, you shouldn’t have to repaint for at least 5 years. These areas are usually up high and receive the most amount of sunlight, so eggshell or semi gloss is the minimum amount of sheen you want to use since it will last longer over time and provide the most desirable look.

Our window frame painting begins with a thorough scraping and sanding all loose and weak areas. Once back to bare wood the areas a primed and ready for paint. As for shutters, we don’t brush them since this creates a thick layer that eventually cause inconsistency in the cracks. We remove all shutters and spray them for a factory finish look.