Handrail Painting

Are you looking to paint your exterior handrail but worried about the durability? When we take on Burlington paintingBurlington painting projects we always make sure the proper steps are taken to ensure a long lasting quality paint job that we can be proud of for years to come.

Iron railing painting: Although factory finished railings can be quite durable, over time rust is bound to make an appearance. Our grinding and sanding process allows us to put a permanent stop to the rust before spray painting a new finish coat. Although white and black being the most common, We offer any type of colour and can provide in both a semi-gloss or gloss finishes.

Wood Railing Painting: Wood railing painting can ad a nice touch to any home exterior. Whether you’re painting or staining, there are some important preparation steps to keep in mind before jumping into the process. If your handrail is only a few years old, we begin with a thorough palm sanding process that raises the grains of the wood and reveals the natural colour. This helps us achieve an extremely long lasting stain job with the proper result in colour. If your handrail is older, power washing will need to be done before hand and given at least 24 hours to dry.