Exterior Staining

Whether it’s your deck, fence, garage doors, or siding, beautifully stained wood can add a great rustic touch to your exterior. With older stained exteriors, there is usually a clear lacquer above the stain which has to be completely removed. Extensive sanding is needed to get back to a blank canvas. Never use or allow someone to use a “liquid stain solution” that claims to remove the clear coat, this process can soften the wood and make it more susceptible to damage during the removal process.

The stains produced this day and age are extremely durable without being an oil based. Water based solutions provide great waterproofing and colour depth, whether your looking for a clear stain or solid stain. A flat finish gives off a great natural look that allows the wood to show off it’s amazing grain, while a satin finish with provide the same but with more of a clean modern feel.

Burlington exterior painting temperatures are similar to the rest of Southern Ontario. Early November tends to be the latest exterior staining can be done since drying time will be much longer, and the falling leaves can cause quite an issue. Make sure to plan your Burlington exterior painting before September to ensure your exterior painting is completed in time for Winter.