Deck Staining and Painting

Whether your deck was built a year or 10 years ago, it can be transformed into a brand new look. As professional Burlington painters we must analyze every type of situation before painting or staining, which is very important to get the desired look and durability out of the type of wood you have.

Deck staining: Our deck staining process begins with power washing the wood and letting it dry for 24 hours. Once completely dry we palm sand the wood to open the grain pours so that it properly absorbs the stain. Once all areas are properly sanded, 2 coats of stain is applied to create a penetrating barrier that will last for years.

Deck painting: For proper deck painting results, all bare wood needs to be primed before painting. Once primed, 2 coats of satin finish high quality deck enamel is applied to create a hard shell to protect your deck from all exterior elements.