Listing your Burlington cabinet painting company with online directories

When starting your Burlington cabinet painting business you’ll be quickly contacted by many of the big name online directories. Once you list your company on Google Maps or start ranking in the search engines, it doesn’t take long for the phone calls to start coming in. Question is, who do you trust and where do you spend you precious advertising dollars? That’s an answer we have due to experience with most online directories, since we’ve spent a lot of money trying out different listings and lead generation sites. No matter the field of work you’re looking to advertise, it’s important to research how well a particular directory ranks for keywords. In this case for Burlington cabinet painting, you’ll want to Google that specific keyword and see what comes up in the top 3 below the map section.

The main online directory you’ve most likely heard of is Yellow Pages. Since the dawn of time (just kidding), Yellow Pages has been a trusted source for finding local Cabinet painting companies. Before the internet became popular you most likely used a Yellow Page phonebook to look up people and companies. Now that phonebooks are pretty much extinct – except to older folks – the internet is your number one source for local painting companies. If you have the expertise you can go ahead and make your own cabinet painting website and get it ranked to the top, if you don’t know how to accomplish that you’ll have to pay out a web developer to handle this project for you. Your other option for getting yourself Burlington cabinet leads is to list your company on popular directories like Yellow Pages. These types of sites would like to charge you a yearly fee but our opinion would be to stick with monthly bills to make sure they can provide you with quality leads.

Once you’re signed up and getting some traffic to your site, it will be hard to separate the customers you naturally have visiting your website and the ones being sent by Yellow Pages. Be sure they are providing you with data sheets to show the engagement rate of your cabinet painting in Burlington listing. It’s important that you see first hand if your money is being well spent, as there are lots of other options in terms of advertising if need be. If your current listing isn’t giving you the amount of traffic you’re looking for, try contact other directories such as Can Pages,, Gold book, or other popular choices. Make sure these directories rank well in Google’s search engine as organic traffic won’t be enough to sustain your company.

Burlington cabinet painting is a new and innovative technique of upgrading a client’s kitchen, which is why it’s become so popular. As the popularity increases so does the competition, so be sure to stay ahead of others with your online advertising and you’ll have no problem expanding your painting company. Listing yourself on a directory is just one avenue of many you can take online to get cabinet painting leads.


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