Let’s work together!

Painting for Real Estate Agents

We know an important part of selling a home is the first impression. This comes from the visual appeal of the house including the architectural design and all around cleanliness. As painters we believe if given the opportunity, can transform a home from unsellable to sold in a short time period. Sometimes a good cleaning just isn’t enough. With scuffs in the walls, faded trim, and outdated colours, comes skepticism. Some buyers tend to have trouble looking past things like this and leave them looking for something newer, and move in ready.

To us every home is as good as the next, all it takes is a slight makeover to bring everything back to a time where it was once a visually beautiful home.

Painting for Stagers

The visual design you create for a home is often reflected by the surrounding paint job. Our dedication to helping you accomplish your desired look and feel is unmatched by any another painting contractor in your area. Over the years of working with interior designers we’ve come to realize that our connection with the process is extremely important, from quality to quantity. Since we’re a large process of selling a home, we go the extra mile to make sure is everything as beautiful as the day it was first made. That’s what people look for and that’s why we’re here for, to do what we’re best at, painting.

Painting for Interior Designers

So you have a vision and your client is ecstatic to start the design process. As you know a major part of creating your vision begins with painting the surrounding wall surface. From past experiences we’ve seen what kind of beautiful spaces interior designers can come up with, and that makes our job that much more enjoyable.

Assisting you in your vision is a fun process for us at Living Colour painters, because we get to use such great colour choices and design patterns, while showcasing our skills at the same time. We’re constantly learning for our interior designer clients and continue to build new relationships along the way.

Painting for Commercial Buildings

Being organized, clean, and efficient is a all part of the commercial painting process. If a commercial building is being built, there are always deadlines to follow. Not only that, but you have to plan your working areas and schedules around other contractors with just as equally important as ours. With our experienced and professional staff, we’re able to handle even the most intricate commercial painting projects. With many areas comes many colours. Our access to quality supplies at low prices allows us to complete entire jobs at a minimal price. Since our paint provider gives us great contractor discounts, we can assure you our low quotes will exceed your expectations.

Painting for Home Owners

We love building relationships with our new home owners AND sellers. We offer a service that is exceptional, yet affordable for your living situation. Have you been living in a home for a long period of time and now want a change? We’re here to help you with everything from picking colours to informing you on the steps involved from start to finish. When selling a home, real estate agents and stagers turn to us to help speed up the selling process. We’re able to enter a home and completely transform it to appeal to anyone who visits. Open houses are a great way to showcase your investment, and our painting services are here to help you do that. If buying a new home, we’re here to help utilize your excitement and turn that into the beautiful vision you’ve imagined. Keep in mind planning ahead is key for an efficient and stress free move, so scheduling a painting project for when you take ownership of the home before moving in is the best way to go about things.