How to Save Money with Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Burlington

Kitchen cabinet painting in Burlington is booming more and more. As folks buy homes, sell homes, move into new homes, their kids move out, or they finally saved up enough money for a big renovation, they come to Burlington Cabinet Painters to help transform their kitchen. Painting your kitchen cabinets is an amazing way to make your kitchen feel completely new again, at a fraction of the price of buying new cabinets. It is also possible to rearrange all over your cabinetry to a completely new layout, and still have us paint it, and for a fraction of the price.

However we know about Cabinet Painting in Burlington and our clients and what they need from us. Sometimes clients are interested in getting a little more involved in the process in order to learn more skills or as a way to save even more money, as some of us are really on a tight budget. There are a number of things you can do to save time on our end that saves you money on your end. For example, some clients don’t mind taking down all of the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers so that we can just come by and pick them up and get working on them right away. Some clients have even brought their cabinets to our spray shop for us, saving a day of work to come out to where you are and spending half a day taking down your kitchen cabinetry. Another thing you could do would be to give your cabinets a quick wipe down before getting them, as that can be one of our most time-consuming steps. A lot of us never realize how much flack our cabinets take until we handle them, seeing old food stains dripping down from the stove, or hair, dirt, and some unnamable sticky stuff stuck to the bottom half. We will still inspect all of the cabinets thoroughly and ensure that they are in perfect condition to be ready for spraying, but this step will help the process go a lot quicker and will save you money. Last thing you could possible do is give them a good sanding. Get the rubber nubs off and quickly scuff all sides of the cabinets. This again just helps our preparation process go a lot smooth and faster and therefore less money we have to charge you for our labor.

Sometimes we have leftover paint in the shop and it may even be possible that we can use it on your cabinets, so that could save you on your materials cost for the job. A lot of the Burlington kitchen cabinets painted and sprayed in our shop used very similar colours, along the lines of greys and whites. If you are less picky about the colour, ask us what we have lying around the shop and we may be able to accommodate you. Remember that we cannot just use old paint that you may have lying around, as the type of paint has to be very specific in order to be used in our industrial sprayer and to dry hard as a rock and as smooth as a factory finished job. But as always, it never hurts to ask and do not be afraid to ask us anything about our process or about what we could do specially for you. Thanks again for your interest in Burlington Kitchen Cabinet Painting and Spraying and have a great day.


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