How to choose your new cabinet painting colours

So you’re looking to get cabinet painting in Burlington done but the first and most important step is to choose a colour. Easier said than done, because even if you’re using some inspiration websites you’ll need to keep in mind your own kitchen’s components that must compliment each other. If you’re looking to get your entire kitchen redone including counter top, back splash, and handles, inspirational sites will help get figure out what you want, then it’s up to you to decide what will work for your specific kitchen. Sometimes one things lead to another, and once you get your cabinets painted the rest of your kitchen starts to look dated, so prepare ahead of time and get things done accordingly. If you decide to get your back splash done, be sure to have it removed right away, then the in home spraying of your cabinets will be less labour extensive, thus saving you money.

If you’re looking to go dark with your back splash and counter top, you’ll want to either contrast that with light Burlington cabinet painting or go monochromatic with a similar colour all around. The best course of action is to find the secondary colour in your back splash and counter top, and use that for your cabinets. This way there is some matching throughout your kitchen without copying the exact colour. If you need assistance choosing a colour scheme for your kitchen, once you’ve hired your trusted Burlington cabinet painters be sure to ask them their opinion. If you have a few samples for counter tops and back splash, they’ll be able to give you colour options to go along with those.

Most home owners go with a light colour for the cabinets, usually a shade of white. This is because it gives a clean look while also making the area seem bigger. This will up the resale value of your home as well as be desirable to the majority of prospects. White generally tends to get dirty easily, so be sure your Burlington cabinet painters go with a semi-gloss sheen to handle frequent cleaning. With dark colour, you’ll achieve a modern look. Especially if you choose a greyish tone. Your surroundings will be slightly colder but this type of look can show off other parts of your kitchen like beautiful stainless steel appliances. You can ask your professional painting company if they offer colour visualizers, where they take a picture of your kitchen as is and superimpose the colours of your choice. This will give you a better understand of the overall look to be achieved.

As an experience Burlington cabinet painting company the process is very important. Not all cabinet painters do things the same way, so before scheduling all your labourers you’ll want to find out the best course of action. There is a specific order in how things should be done. For example, we like to do all the in-home spraying at the end, this ensures us the the other companies won’t damage any of the fresh paint job. Other companies like to minimize the in-home work to save you money, so that means less covering up. Changing counter tops and back splash can be done after painting to lower the painting labour.


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