How To Choose a White Paint With Burlington Painters

So you know you are using white for your next Burlington painting project, so you go to the paint store to look up colours on a swatch deck, and you realize that there are more shades of white than any other colour! Where do you even start? Burlington painters has a couple of tricks to help you narrow down your selection and choose the colour of white that will work best for your room and all of the unique contents in it. First think about how much natural light and what kind of unnatural light you have in the room you are decorating. The look of a room can change from the daytime to the night and you type of lighting, whether its pot lights or lamps can change the feel of the colour of the walls. You should also think about what kind of ceiling you have, what type of flooring, and what your furniture looks like in order to choose the white that matches the vibe of the room.  Another simple tip people use is if they have a favourite colour, they get the whitest shade of that colour, so they know the undertones come from an aesthetic that they know they will enjoy. As a painting company in Burlington, we can show you some examples of white rooms we have painted and tell you which whites are used most often and therefore our customers are the most happy with.

There is such a variety of white colours available for your painting in Burlington project, and they make not look that impactful when you first see it on a little swatch. However, whites with different undertones can really impact the feel of the room. Whites that have brown, yellow or red undertones are known to bring warmth to a room. These colours are often used to create an inviting atmosphere for one of the busiest rooms in your house. A cool white is known to have grey, black or dark blue undertones that are known to neutralize a room that is too bright, or gets too much natural light. They are also known for delivering a crisper, cleaner look that some clients really enjoy and prefer. The same works for grey varieties. Grey is becoming more and more popular and you can achieve are warm or cool look depending on the base colours of the grey. Remember, if white seems a little boring to you, know that white allows you to bring in accents with colour and texture that will really create interest and compliment of aspects of the room. Burlington residential painters will remind you to always go with at least an eggshell sheen for the walls so that they can be cleaned easier, as white does show off more imperfections.

What white should you use if you are painting to sell? Our Burlington painting clients often ask for a mostly white makeover to the interior of their home as they get ready to put their home on the market. This is a great idea as white looks clean, new, and really opens up the space and makes rooms look bigger. However you can’t just use any white, as something too bright will make your home look like a lab experiment and too warm will look older and dingy. A creamier white in the bedrooms will give the room a cozy feel and will look more relaxing. Your kitchen or front hallway could be painted a cool white that is non-distracting and provides a fresh clean feel. If you have heavy or dark accents like stairs, dark flooring or handrails, use a softer white that lessens the stark contrast but still looks smart and coordinated. Cabinets are often sprayed in an ivory white that looks clean but not cold. Antique whites create a warm, homier and classy feeling. Any old furniture that is being repainted white is usually in a high-gloss snow white for that classic white-porch feel. And finally, grey-whites are used for spaces that have white trim and pops of colour or artwork, as they provide a neutral yet interesting backdrop for your pieces. Hopefully this article has given you some basic information on interior painting in Burlington. Do not hesitate to call us for questions or assistance in your next painting venture!


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