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As a Burlington painting company we are all about creating the desired emotion from your home. Whether it is exterior or interior, a room with a lot of traffic, or just a hallway to pass through, we know that our clients want their home to evoke a feeling, and they want it to reflect them and their personality. We are also aware of clients that love a colour, but are unhappy with their room selection for that colour. That is why we want to write about colour science, so that you can know the feeling behind the colour you are choosing for your project. You will be surprised at what messages colours send to us, and how powerful these messages can be.

The colours we take in with our eyes automatically send messages to our brain, and therefore the rest of our body, telling us how to respond. The colours we associate with large corporate brands are no accident; hours and hours and dollars and dollars have been sunk into the science of colour, allowing the brand to evoke the desired affect from its clients. Some colours make us spend more money, others make us nostalgic and think of our youth. It is incredible how much subliminal messaging is sent to us through colour. As a painting company in Burlington, we will outline some of the basic colour science rules, but we encourage you look more into it yourself to find out some fascinating things about the colour in our world.

Pink is known to make people crave sugar and sweets, so it may not be the colour you want to use in your kitchen or dining room if you are trying to eat less dessert. Blue is a calm, cool, yet authoritative colour, which is why it works well for a bedroom, office, or a policeman. Green is an exciting colour that brings out reflection and creativity, which makes it a good colour for a studio or a workshop. Orange brings energy and makes us sociable, so not the best for a bedroom that you want to have no trouble drifting off to sleep in, but good for a living room or a kitchen that will attract a congregation of people at a party. Red is a romantic colour and has be scientifically proven to raise your blood circulation, making it a good place for the master bedroom or a dance studio, but not for a living room that you may want to spend a lot of time relaxing and reading a book in. Purple is a mix of blue and red, so it makes our heat pump but also relaxes us, which is good for a living room to watch movies in, or again, the master bedroom. Yellow is an energizing colour, reminding our bodies about light and the sun, which makes it a good colour for the kitchen or dining room, especially for those of us who are not morning people and need a little help waking up.

Hopefully these few pointers have helped guide you to towards what colours are good to use for different rooms in your house, depending on the function of the room and what feeling you are trying to evoke. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and we look forward to hearing from you through our online quote form at Living Colour Painters or with a phone call.


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