Burlington Painters

Living Colour Painters is currently located in Burlington Ontario, but this doesn’t mean we don’t travel to surrounding areas to offer our painting services. You can find us connecting with our community at festivals, fairs, and even on the streets cleaning up graffiti. Being a part of the community is a strong view of our Burlington painting business, and others really respond to that.

Building a company is a step by step process, but most importantly we have to maintain a perfect reputation to help ourselves grow into what we in-vision. By selecting only the best Burlington painters to be apart of Living Colour Painters, we’re able to maintain that level of integrity.

We serve all of Burlington, from Lake Ontario to the North West Suburbs. We take on all projects of all sizes, whether it be residential or commercial painting. Our staff carries a diverse skill set to provide solutions to all your contracting needs. Burlington painting companies can be found all over the area, but what separates us from most, is our attention to detail and dedication to the customer. We’re in the painting business to transform homes and create beautiful living spaces for you and your family, because that’s what happens with a quality paint job backed behind a vision for design.

We’d like to thank all of our clients that have used Living Colour Painters since we’ve started our painting company. The company to client relationship is often the most important area in business, so it means a lot to us that you’ve utilized and enjoyed the professional service that we offer.

We hope to continue building great relationships from our painting abilities and elevating our professionalism. We would like to thank you for taking this opportunity to read what we’re all about at Living Colour Painters. We hope to someday help you with any painting services you require.


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If you’re looking for professional Burlington painters, you’ve come to the right place. Our reputation speaks for itself and so do our customer reviews. Don’t just take our word for it though! View our testimonials to say what customers our saying about their Burlington painting experience with Living Colour Painters.