About Us

Before hiring Living Colour Painters as your painters in Burlington, we want you to know that you are hiring a staff that will treat and respect your home as if it were our own. We specialize in painting and do not consider ourselves “Jacks of all trades” because we succeed in this business by becoming really good at one thing, and that’s painting. Our broad skills set in painting allows us to complete whatever painting project you may have in mind.

Professionalism and Efficiency

With many years of experience and hundreds or amazing references to show for it, Living Colour Painters can always guarantee a high quality, professional job that goes beyond expectations.

Competitive Pricing

We have always relied more on the quality of our work rather than price. Sometimes your budget can be pretty tight, and we can do our best to work around that.


We call ourselves professionals because that’s what we are. When you allow someone to enter your home and do their work, it takes trust. We know you’ll feel comfortable from the moment you meet us!

Quality Products

With Sherwin Williams as our main paint provider, your project is sure to be completed with the highest quality of paint on the market.

Work Schedule Flexibility

Since we specialize in residential work, we understand that schedules can be very hectic and we have to be available for our customers at their request.

Excellent Communication

Communication is the key to every successful relationship. In order for our job and your painting experience to go flawlessly, good communication is a must.

We love what we do. Communicating with clients and putting our skills to work is what we do best. Seeing the joy on our customer’s faces after every job never gets any less rewarding.